What is Batch?

Batch is a high-end coffee table magazine by the Indianapolis Coffee Guide that celebrates the amazing local coffee community in Indianapolis.

When does Issue 1 come out?

Issue 1 officially launches on March 20, 2021!

Where can I get it?

Batch is available online at BatchMag.com (you are here!) and many local cafés and retailers in Indianapolis.

How many issues are there? When will the next issue come out?

Right now, we are planning on having 1-2 issues a year, roughly 9 months apart. Making a magazine is tough work (and expensive!), so we don’t want to wear ourselves out or overwhelm you all with too many!

What’s inside Batch?

Issue 1 of Batch has so many amazing pieces ranging from personal essays, long-form interviews, local coffee guides, home brewing advice & recipes, and so much more. The heart of the Indianapolis Coffee Guide has always been the directory, so there’s also a list of alllll the local specialty coffee shops and roasters with places to check out where you’ve been, your favorites, and where you need to try next!

Who did the design?

Ryan Hunley at 2nd Street Creative was in charge of the design and art direction, which is why it is SOOO dreamy.

Where was it printed?

Issue 1 was printed in Indianapolis at Printing Partners on W 16th Street downtown.

What was the inspiration behind Batch?

In late 2019, I started working on a few ambitious blog ideas with some coffee folks in town. Because of them, the content turned out better than I could have ever imagined, and I immediately knew I had to do something bigger/better than just random blog posts online. I started asking around if people would be interested in helping put a magazine together, and it all just kinda fell into place. Making a magazine has been a lifelong dream of mine, so I couldn’t be happier to share this all with you.

How much does it cost?

Batch is $16. Each issue is made wholly in Indianapolis using the help of local writers, photographers, and creatives who are paid fairly respectfully for their time. We also print on high-quality, luxury papers using the best printing techniques to make sure the magazines can withstand being carried around in your purse or backpack and many years on your coffee table.

How can I help with future issues?

The easiest way to support future issues is by buying Issue 1 and telling your friends! We also rely on support of our sponsors to make each issue a reality. Community Sponsorship opportunities are available for as low as $35 and issue sponsors range from $500-$1000.

Can I contribute to future issues?

Absolutely! We’re always accepting ideas for future issue ideas. Email me at scott@indianapoliscoffeeguide.com !